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Building Sustainable Community through Education, Social Change and the Arts

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The mission of PALESCA is to develop and implement multi-modal projects that build sustainable community practices by critically engaging education, social change and the arts.

PALESCA has multiple meanings. It is an acronym for all the Big Ideas that have always motivated these two besties: "Pampi and Lore for Education, Social Change and the Arts."

Rooting into language, PALESCA embodies how this journey began:
pal = friend, from the Romany pal (comrade + brother) and the Sanskrit bhrātā and Latin frāter, frātris (both brother) | esca = food, from the Latin ēsca, ēscae (food)

We started over spontaneous potlucks and jam sessions with dear friends. These turned into more organized events that overflowed Pampi's home and propelled us to formalize our work.

We work towards our mission through these three programs:

alpoarrentao Productions| In Divine Company | Activist Calendar


alpoarrentao Productions are Original | Live | Themed art events aimed to sustain art-making in Greater Boston through themed gatherings that commission original art, explore relevant socio-political themes and deepen the audience-artist relationship.


In Divine Company is a Boston based, activist dance company, led by Pampi, that fuses temple dance with contemporary urban and abstract dance theater to create an invigorating blend of physically intense and politically astute performance work.


Activist Calendar is a web-based calendar of Greater Boston social justice work, led by Lore, that connects community members to events that bring positive world change and supports local activist organizations in sharing their efforts, reaching bigger audiences and collaborating.


ABOUT | Pampi & Lore bios

Board Bios :: Sharanjeet Parmar | Saira Jasmine


PALESCA was founded September 2012 by best friends Pampi and Lore.

Pampi serves the role of Creative and Marketing Director and Lore, Executive and Development Director.

We met as undergraduates at MIT, at the turn of the millenium, and have been partners ever since.

We met over dances that Lore hosted as president of the International Student Association. When we kept running into each other over Lambada, Salsa, Hula, Bhangra, we got to talking about our interest in not only celebrating diversity and culture, but alsocreating access to deeper engagement and dialogue.

Over the next few years, we each went our way establishing careers but kept in touch by providing logistical and creative support for each other's community projects.

One holiday season over ginger snaps, chai and the umpteenth apocalyptic documentary on the impending world doom due to the devastating consequences of human greed, we realized we only had 50 years to affect impactful change in the world. Now, the intensity with which we felt this calling speaks to the insularity many of us experience, but also, looking back, shows how willing we were to fight for ideals.

Through trial and error, a failed baby company, and endless conversations, we have arrived at our mission. Welcome to PALESCA! We hope you find affinity with our work and may our paths cross.


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I am the digital multimedia performance artist and poet. My third eye fell, and, ever since, I've been colliding with stars in search of it.

In the mean time, I work towards the application of the arts for strategic intervention and political mobilization of people's movements.

While my forte is in pen and ink, I enjoy experimenting with video, poetry, song, movement and installation. In my work I engage issues of identity, gender, sexuality and the body politic. I am markedly obsessed with blood, bones and goddesses.


I was born in Santiago, Chile and moved to Boston, MA at age nine. After a difficult first few years learning English and finding where I might fit in, I found refuge at Boston Latin School thanks to classmates, teachers and an environment that valued and encouraged everything I wanted to do. After college, I taught middle school math in New York through Teach For America and met the most wonderful groups of children who are now creating their own successes as young adults. With experience in nonprofit fundraising and styling the awesomest local dudes for J.Crew, I am embracing this new adventure of creating my own beautiful projects.

Follow my musings here.

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I am an international human rights lawyer with over 12 years of experience in the fields of gender justice, rule of law, transitional justice, 
international criminal justice as well as security sector reform. I most recently ran the country program for the International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and have taught at Harvard Law School’s Human Rights Program, as well as served as a prosecuting war crimes attorney with the Special Court for Sierra Leone. Having worked in over ten countries across West, Central and the Horn of Africa as well as 
India, I am very excited to be supporting this unique initiative that combines the performing arts with awareness-raising and action-oriented event planning in the support of community-driven social justice efforts.




As a marketing and business development professional who works in Phoenix, San Francisco, and sometimes Boston, you might say I like to travel and explore different places.  Wherever I go, I like to surround myself with interesting, enthusiastic people who aspire to influence the world around them in creative ways. Because of these lovely interesting people, I find myself on all sorts of adventures, all over the country and world, and life is never dull. 

Pampi and Lore epitomize the type of individual I’m so fortunate to have in my life.  These ladies have an inspiring dedication to arts and activism which is contagious.  Through visual arts, performance arts, or encouragement of grassroots activism through the city of Boston, these ladies are truly “being the change.”  Though I currently reside in Arizona, after living in Boston for the last six years, I feel fortunate to be connected to the wonderful network of community artists that Pampi and Loreto are bringing together.  One day, I hope to bring you talented folks to the West Coast!

Learn more about my adventures, activism, and artistic explorations here.



PALESCA is a non-profit organization pending 501c3 status.